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Our mission is to build resilience among children, youth and families while removing obstacles to quality education, good health, and well-being.

Welcome to the William H. Tilley Family Foundation where we believe every child deserves the best possible start in life, and every youth deserves to be supported as they overcome obstacles along their way toward adulthood.

We are proud to partner with organizations that share our vision of a bright future in which children, youth and the families that love and support them thrive.

Our team

Nicole R. Tilley

Nicole R. Tilley is President of the William H. Tilley Family Foundation. Born with a passion for inspiring and empowering others, she is the architect of the foundation’s mission to bring hope and resilience to children and families.

Nicole brings compassion, inspiration, and a hands-on approach to the organization and its grantees. She believes for our communities to thrive, children and youth need the support of strong families as well as access to quality education and healthcare. Through the William H. Tilley Family Foundation’s mission, Nicole is able to be an ally for the institutions dedicated to removing barriers to those essential resources.

Nicole is devoted to helping every individual become their own champion. It’s why in her work as a mentor, she empowers every child and family to use their voice–loudly and clearly–to advocate for themselves, no matter the circumstances.

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Viki McHugh

Our legacy

William H. Tilley
A big laugh and a warm heart

Larger than life, William H. Tilley was in command of his dreams, becoming an accomplished Southern California businessman. Yet, he acknowledged his success was in part due to the advantages he had as a child – having a good education and a strong family behind him.  

Driven by his conviction that with an education, individuals and societies are able to thrive, William H. Tilley devoted his philanthropic work to providing children with access to the right education and resources to succeed in life.

We honor his legacy and spirit through our dedication to the children and youth of Southern California.

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